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Introduction to GENIAL by the coordinator

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to GENIAL - an exteraordinary initiative set to redefine the landscape of alcohol-related liver cancer (ALD-HCC) in Europe.

I am privileged to coordinate a team of accomplished professionals, all united by a common goal - to understand and effectively combat ALD-HCC.
Chronic alcohol consumption promotes alcohol-related cirrhosis and ALD-HCC. It is an enormous health burden in Europe, claiming many lives prematurely every year. With GENIAL, we are committed to addressing this pressing issue. Our project is uniquely positioned to delve into the complex genetic and environmental interplay that triggers ALD-HCC, employing cutting-edge technologies and innovative methods. Harnessing artificial intelligence, we plan to improve early detection and prevention by accurately predicting individual ALD-HCC risk.
However, our mission goes beyond the borders of scientific investigation. We are driven to disseminate our findings widely, ensuring that everyone across the EU, from patients to health professionals to the general public, gains access to our insights, playing a significant role in preventing this disease.
Stay connected with us for updates on our progress, upcoming events, and breakthroughs via our website and our Twitter handle, @GENIAL_project.